How to rate Disney movie Frozen 2?

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By Candy | 03 March 2020 | 0 Comments

How To Rate Disney movie Frozen 2?

If the theme of the Frozen 1 is "grow up", then the theme of Frozen 2 is "mature".

Feelings & Laughs
As the sequel to the world's highest-grossing animated film at the box office, Frozen 2 will naturally play the "feeling card", the question is just how far.

In my opinion, the film is quite restrained when paying tribute to the first one, at most it only accounts for 1/10 to 1/8, and it is mainly to effectively link the plot of the two movies.
For example, in the opening, the young Elsa and Anna are also in the same frame with their parents. The difference is that this time the parents will tell a story about the past and the future ...
The laugh point of the film has been greatly improved compared with the previous work, and many characters have contributed their own characteristics and humor.
Of course, the most eye-catching is Olaf. It has developed its physical characteristics to the extreme, and with the cute, warm and playful personality of the children, it brings a lot of laughter to everyone.
I put my feelings and laughter together because they played a wonderful chemical reaction in Frozen 2-remember the first episode of Elsa singing "Let It Go"? She shook her pose while walking and singing, but the signboard image of "Ice Snow".
And Frozen 2 just took Elsa's classic POSE to open it, or twice: once was Olaf's COSPLAY when everyone was playing the game, and the other was Elsa couldn't bear to look straight in the past .
It is both a high-profile tribute and a low-profile ridicule. I believe that fans will definitely smile when they see these scenes.
It can be said that the film is very meticulous in handling feelings and laughter, with no intention of selling or embarrassing, and "entertainment" can be guaranteed.
Music & Special Effects
"Singing well or not" is one of the important criteria for evaluating Frozen movies, and many audiences are most concerned about this. The music of "Frozen 2" is still operated by the original songwriters Christine and Robert. Personally, the tune and upper part of the new batch of original songs are slightly different, maybe not as good as "Let It Go" and "Do You Want to "Songs like Build a Snowman?" Are so "upper", but the style is the same, if there are a few songs even better in terms of narrative and lyric.
For example, "All is Found" sung by Queen Aduna for her daughters. The use of lullaby melody and the content of mysterious legends not only express the eternal motherhood of the queen, but also lay a foundation for future adventure stories. With the endless voice of "Sister Wood", the whole song seems to connect time and everything.
The title song "Into the Unknown" received the treatment of "One Song, Three Sings": the female voice sings intro, ethereal and long, to summon Elsa's "distant voice"; Elsa sings alone, her voice frustrates, from resistance to confront , Showing the queen's courage to look directly at the unknown challenge; the ending theme song adds more rock elements, it feels nothing at first, and it will become more and more exciting after listening a few times ...
Especially the part of Elsa's solo, which fully demonstrated her complex mood change. Although Elsa had experienced an adventure, she didn't want to come again, so when she first heard the call, she would be afraid, shrinking, etc. Facing his own destiny, Elsa took firm steps to take her step back with confidence.
It is a bit regrettable that "Into the Unknown" appeared earlier (the third song in the film), and the emotional precipitation of the audience is not enough, and the effect is somewhat reduced (the same as the main hit, "Let It Go" is Fifth appearance).
In addition, the effects of "Some Things Never Change" and "Show Yourself" are also great.
For example, Olaf’s solo song “When I Am Older” sings questions about growth and a vision for the future. It is also harmonious, and Kstov’s solo song “Lost in the Woods” is sung with the texture of old-fashioned karaoke With the troubles of falling in love with a man, I am full of joy.
In contrast, Frozen 2 has significantly improved its special effects.
In fact, the first special effects are enough to be breathtaking, especially the dynamic scenes where the earth is frozen and snow melts. The details and fluency represent the highest level of 3D animated films at that time. Looks outdated. In the second part, the main creative team simply raised the visual effect by another "visible to the eye" scale.
When Elsa was determined to respond to the call and released her own power to resonate almost out of control, the entire Arendal Kingdom was instantly filled with ice crystals with four major element patterns—in just a few seconds, whether from a macro wide-angle lens or a micro close-up When you look at it, the pictures are said to be patchwork and delicate.
There are also a number of Elsa's life-like unicorns, which are also beautiful and "dazzling".
The first one used fewer "Starlight Inkjet" special effects. In Frozen 2, it was not only released, but also played a variety of tricks, with different colors, images and moods, which is called a beautiful wheel. Beautiful.
What surprised me most was definitely a scene where Elsa tame the water horse (Water Spirit) when crossing the dark sea! Dynamic water effects have always tested the capabilities of the special effects team. The film has proved its excellence through multiple perspectives, such as sea, waves, ice, and underwater.
The process of Elsa's troubles in the sea has fully considered the basic characteristics of "colorless and invisible water", as well as the flowing form of the human body and ice cubes in the water. The fluffy hairs, fleeting ice crystals, from dark blue to light blue The changing color of the water horse has a strong sense of layering and smoothness, and it looks particularly shocking, especially when the scene of Elsa changing from the ice reins to the horse riding is rigid, soft, and refreshing. I almost cried out !! It is no exaggeration to say that this scene is the most impressive and best special effects scene I have seen this year, and it must be blown up!
Settings & Clothing
Different from the winter environment with white as the main color in the first part, Frozen 2 shows a more colorful autumn environment-but this "autumn" is different from what we are familiar with. With some vitality and a little mystery, the main color of the film is orange, orange-red, and red-purple, which matches the misty temperament instead of brighter yellow.

The main stage of the film is placed in a magical forest. Many unknown magical powers are hidden among the colorful leaves. As a new setting in the film, the design of the four major elements of wind, fire, water, and earth is also very hearty, and their spirits are all in line with their respective characteristics.
Fengling is invisible and intangible. It can only be seen through the maple leaves it brings up. It likes pranks;
The fire spirit is restless and uneasy. It seems wild and difficult to tame. You must burn things and play, but as long as you treat it properly, it is just a cute little lizard;
The water spirit has already mentioned that it is a fierce fighter who shows people in the form of a water horse. Because of its mission of guarding secrets, it shows more of the dangerous side of water;
The earth spirits are thick and solid, and they are powerful and heavy. They appear in the form of earth giants. They seem awkward but indispensable.
Elsa's contact, interaction and interaction with them as a symbol of the "fifth element" can be regarded as complementary in design.
As the so-called "devil hides in the details", Frozen 2 can reflect the "thoughtfulness" of the film in many places, especially the dress that keeps pace with the times, not only making the characters beautiful, but also showing them from the outside and the mainland. The growth and change of the role.
In the first part, both Elsa and Anna are still young girls, so they are dressed in bright and beautiful court dresses.
In the second part, the sisters' dress styles are obviously mature. While they are light and comfortable, they must also consider their queen and princess identity. Noble and elegant, Anna wore an ivory-colored waist-length dress and a short coat, which was noble and lively. More typical are their outfits when they travel to the enchanted forest of the northern kingdom.
The two sisters are wearing almost the same, they are lingerie + one-piece skirt + cloak + leather boots: Elsa is the classic ice blue color of "Ice Snow 1", because it is not afraid of cold, the overall is lighter; Yellow + black + purple red is thicker and more stable, and it is very easy to move after taking off the jacket. Of course, what I said may be biased. I hope to have some friends who are professional in fashion design or familiar with western-style women's clothing to analyze it ~ The reason why my layman has to mention clothing is because Elsa's final suit is really too! drift! bright! It's up!
Stills are hard to reflect, only in the movie can you feel ... If the water-blue skirt of Elsa in the upper movie is gorgeous and luxurious, Zhong Lingyuxiu, then Elsa's completely ice-white in Frozen 2 Dresses perfectly explain what "simple luxury" is.
Even my straight steel man couldn't help thinking of a girl and dreaming of a princess ...
Politics & Domination
Frozen 2 is more "adult" than the first one in all aspects. The most obvious point is that the story is no longer so simple and easy. It used to have a fairy tale meaning of "prince and princess". Reality.

The film's biggest contradiction crisis means political "zero-sum thinking" failure.
Arundell and the Northern Kingdoms coexisted peacefully. After the establishment of diplomatic relations, as long as they remain intact, they can be okay, but the old king Runard held the idea that "their non-ethnic people must have different hearts." Personal pit: The construction of a dam, in the name of helping the northern kingdom, actually calmed the spirit veins of the other party ... As Runard Tu saw the poor, the two sides met with each other, the spirit of nature was angry, and the northern kingdom was closed. What's interesting is that while Lunard's insult to the northern kingdom, he also left a huge hidden danger for himself. Once the dam is damaged, the flood will surely flood the Kingdom of Arundel.
However, to remove the "curse" of the magic forest, the dam must be destroyed ... so I think it will be better to let the flooding destroy the town of Arundel, and let the surviving citizens rebuild their homes in the high mountains, which will be more prominent The heavy price of "political conspiracy"-of course, letting Elsa heal the floods can make the ending more family-friendly. In addition, questions such as "the secrets of the king and queen, and" why Elsa was born with magic "were also answered.
Aigner is Prince Arendal, and Aduna is a member of the ancient aristocracy of the Northern Kingdom. The latter can save the former in the event of war between the two countries, and is married to wait for the opportunity to unlock the magic curse. Symbol of peace.
The children of King Aigner and Queen Aduna, Elsa and Anna, are the most precious seeds they left for "peace".
Arundale's queen and princess, and the northern nations possess the magical noble blood, which destined them to be recognized and supported by the two forces in the forest.
The subsequent plot development, I think it is also reasonable-Elsa is not the most suitable person to be Queen Arundel.
Although Elsa has a stable temperament, she was troubled by innate magic since she was a child. She lived a life almost isolated from the world. She kept herself in the room for a long time, except her parents did not communicate with anyone. After experiencing the story of Frozen, Elsa successfully became the queen for 3 years, but from the beginning of the film, she has always been a little absent-minded ... It is no wonder that Elsa's experience in interpersonal communication and government affairs processing is too Less, besides, her real destiny stage is in the north
It is not difficult to imagine how much Anna has helped in these three years-compared with her sister who has been living for many years, she is the child raised by normal royal education. Anna used to be a little naive, but after the "Scum" Hans scam and three years of experience, she is now much more stable. When Elsa was worried about magic, she was able to comfort herself in the trapped forest. Captain Matisse, who talked about his distant hometown and home affairs for more than thirty years, was the best consolation to a soldier who had loyally defended Arundale and dedicated his life.
At the end of the movie, Elsa stayed in the northern country, and Anna returned to Arundel to become the queen. In addition to "the environment is suitable", this is the choice and sacrifice of the sisters for the long-term peace of the two countries. Both Elsa and Anna have grown up.
Growth & Friendship
It must be acknowledged that the story of Frozen 2 will not "attract" viewers like the first one, at least not in the way of Frozen. It's not that the second one is regressing, but that the subject of the discussion in the film has become larger, abstract and heavier.
The core of Frozen is "find identity" and "sisterhood is precious than gold", use courage to break through shackles, use love to melt the ice, most difficulties are on the bright side. When true, we all rejoice in this precious breakthrough. But the original experience does not always apply. If Anna and Elsa stay together, they will never solve the curse of the North.
Life always gives you frustrations again and again, and the dangers of adulthood are often unspeakable and indescribable ... even the closest family members, partners and friends cannot be with you every time, we must be slow Slowly walk out of your protection circle and learn to be independent. This is the case for Elsa and Anna, a deep secret to decrypt the truth, a dam to destroy the obstacles, and they not only rescued each other, but also resolved the crisis in different places ... when they were alone, they could only do It's about trusting yourself and trusting each other.
Frozen is grown up from a teenager to adulthood, and is a slightly anti-traditional happy fairy tale; Frozen 2 is an adult who has matured through wind and rain after adulthood, and is an epic that imparts a mythical color based on fairy tales. Therefore, the film may not be able to "please" the audience like the upper part ... because most adults do not know what to do is right (maybe never know), and can only hope to choose a good direction and be firm like Elsa and Anna Go on.

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