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By Candy | 15 January 2020 | 0 Comments

Newest Poster of Birds Of Prey You Can't Miss Out

"Birds Of Prey" exposed a new picture, joker woman teases Batman, black canary super powers appeared

The release of Harley Quinn's DC full-female lineup "Birds Of Prey" will soon be released in North America. Various promotional materials of the film are constantly being released. The latest release of a trailer has exposed a lot of new pictures and content. The positioning of each character in the film and the main line of the story are shown.

This is a heroine film made by a female director. It and the previous "Suicide Squad", "Batman vs. Superman", "Justice League", "Wonder Woman" and other films belong to the DC film universe world view. The story happened in Brother Tan City, the crisis between the joker woman and the clown caused a breakup, and the joker woman cheered up after her sadness and depression, and started a crazy self-liberation journey. In the confrontation with the "black mask" of Gotham's gangster, the joker woman Formed a team with several other female characters, also known as the Birds Of Prey. Members of this team include the little girl Cassandra Cain. She is a young killer in the comics, adopted by Batman, and appears to be a little hair in the movie. Thief, stole the super big diamond in the black mask.

Black Canary, the teaser said that she betrayed the black mask, so that it might be a black masked thug in the beginning, and the teaser's superpower, the sonic attack, was revealed from the mouth for the first time in the teaser. It emits powerful sonic energy, which is a bit like a lion's roar in simple terms. Each character in this movie basically does not have super powers, and Black Canary may be the only hero with super powers in the movie.

The hunter, a character with strong fighting ability, likes to hunt criminals cruelly like a hunter, and the teaser said that she killed a good friend of the black mask, and may therefore have formed a beam with the black mask.

There was also a police officer, Renee Montoya, who wanted to move down the black mask and his criminal empire, and was unacceptable to other police because of unscrupulous methods. This is how a group of women with different personalities joined together to start fighting against the black mask.

The main line of the story should be around the little girl Cain's big diamond. The broken-hearted clown girl accidentally hit and rescued the little girl who was hunted down, and then decided to protect her, so he went to war with the boss of the Gotham Gang, and She needed help from someone else, so she brought in the female characters above.

The character of the clown girl is madness. From the preview, the entire movie seems to be in a state of madness. The clown girl "sees her laughing eyes only after leaving the clown." Then suddenly the motherhood broke out and wanted to protect the little girl Cain, but even if she was a heroine, she would not behave properly and operate with various personalities. Although the clown girl does not have super powers, she does have relatively strong close-combat fighting ability. It is completely okay to fight against several gunmen in the preview, and the most powerful team in the entire team is not the black gold wire with super powers. Tit, but a handsome hunter.

The rating of this movie is R, so there will definitely be many large-scale violence scenes, and such a large-scale, all-female lineup superhero blockbuster is the first attempt for Marvel and DC, the character of the clown It seems that it is very suitable for this theme. It is strange that the goddess leads a group of strong women to overthrow a man who controls the entire criminal empire. There is no more feminine.

And since you are in Gotham, you must mention Batman. The joker woman has a hyena and named it Bruce. This should be the biggest laugh of the new teaser. Of course, the joker woman should not know that Bruce Wayne is Batman, she's just teasing Gotham's billionaire and playboy.

"Birds Of Prey" is scheduled to be released in North America on February 7.

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