Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings)
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By Judy | 18 November 2021 | 0 Comments

Ousama Ranking (Ranking of Kings)

"Ranking of Kings" first-stop painting style, which is simply a work of 2021. Although Japanese anime is not far from 3D paintings, it is not true, but the 2D painting of "King Rank" is absolutely not refined. Even compared with "Flower Fairy" or "Sans famille" decorate, it can only be well limited. However, similar to the old anime such as "Hua Xi", "King Rank", although it is "Japan", the story background has a strong European medieval color, not in the name of European, even living locations It is also a European Castle. In fact, "King Rank" should be counted as a work that is won by "plot". Comic distribution exceeds 1500,000 this is the approval of this.
The beginning of the story seems to have a colorful color: the country's exquisite, the number of people, how the king people are generally strong, these elements, the integrated ranking of these elements, is the so-called "king ranking". As the master of cartoons, Bojji is the eldest son of the seventh place in the king. The Burs king is a strong giant, with bravely defending the monster, thus winning the assistance of the subject. But his son Bojji is born and dumb, and the body is weak to the sword. As a result, it is not just that the younger brother Dada is his status, and even many people say that "he is really not a king."
The most interesting thing in the owner is that Bojji is extremely short, and has formed a sharp contrast with the giant father. The genuine "small prince" has a gentle and unsatisfactory heart, so I met the first friend Kakk in life. Although he is kind, it has to live in a harsh life in the harsh life. When he initially encountered Bojji, he appeared as a robber. He snapped away the clothes of the Bojji, let the latter go back to the castle as the king in the new clothes of the king. The next day, Port of Bojji wore a more gorgeous clothes. If it is three times. Kak gradually discovered the kindness and dream, active and Bojji as a friend. He is also the first in cartoons to find that Pok can read lips - others think that this prince can only understand the dedicated sign language.
Bojji and Kak became a friend to develop in such a plot, "King ranking" looks like a "healing" work that Bojji and Kak can support each other and create a beautiful future "healing" work. Bojji said to Kak, you have to be a good king after you have succeeded. At that time, only Kak knew his Ling Yunzhi. In this "cure" story, "Palace" drama is doped. The will write a will, pass the throne to Port. Who knows, after he passed the world, he had an devil in his body, but also used his finger to refer to Coji. Such a thriller scene (the follow-up story tells the audience is a transaction with the devil and the devil, and Bojji is a victim) to let Queen Hilling (Phuket's stepmother, David's mastian) got the truth, and publicly torn the king Wills, the second prince David supported the throne. Sure enough, after David took the stage, it immediately ordered the support of the Subji. This will not help the audience to knead sweat for the fate of Port. As for the Kak, it was also known as the "Wang Zhi Snake", the capture of the Caibin (David's Swordsman and Supporters), so that Phuket became more shadowed in the castle.
The throne is attributed to the name of the cartoon called "King Rank", and Bojji returned the throne. It is natural to be expected. But it seems that it will not be a brutal "prince revenge". the reason is simple. In this cartoon, there seems to have not appeared in a back role. According to the general understanding, the backmother's people will usually be too good, especially the mother of Poshi, is the culprit of the throne! The plurality of plurality of plots is not the case. Although Xilin is usually scornful, it is not moving in the mouth and the death penalty is in the mouth, but it is actually a knife mouthpener. She also regards Port of Port as their own son. When the pro-Da Dad made Bojji "hidden", Jindie showed the "reluctant".
As a front monk, Hilling also has a magical, which is the ability to cure others (but must consume a lot of physical strength, recovering by resting or drinking magic.). In order to find Kak to decide to travel out, Hirin refused to refused his safety. As a result, Phuket accidentally fell from the city at "escape", and Ji Lin used magic to cure him. Injury.
The post-mother is not the bad guys, but Biyin also sent two armor, with Port of Phuket ... From this point of view, she is abandoned the king's willing to support Daida looks like national interests. The overall performance is a heavy performance. It can be said that this cartoon that looks "there is no bad person", here, once again reveal the natural color of "healing".

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