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By Sakai Jin | 06 August 2020 | 0 Comments

You are more than that. You are the Ghost-Game Ghost of Tsushima

"Ghost of Tsushima" is an open-world action-adventure game produced by the American studio Sucker Punch.

The story takes place in 1274, when the Japanese samurai was a strong guardian of Japan, and the Mongols invaded Japan through Tsushima Island. The protagonist Jin Sakai played by the players is a samurai from the Kamakura shogunate who wants to do his best to defend his homeland.

The protagonist Jin has been trained as a samurai since he was a child. However, when the Mongols easily defeated the warriors, his world was also shattered. He was faced with the hardest choice in his life: to follow the samurai spirit and traditions he inherited from his childhood and persist in this hopeless war; or to abandon the samurai way and do whatever it takes to protect the island and his compatriots.

Jin fought together with a female warrior named Masako, but with the invasion of the Mongolian army, Masako's painful experience and views on Mongolia clashed with the protagonist, causing the two to draw swords and show off. But Jin Sakai is more concerned about the current situation of the major enemy, and after winning hand-to-hand combat, he continues to fight against the Mongolian army with Masako.

Jin's uncle Shimura is the lord of Tsushima Island. Uncle trained Jin to be a samurai since he was a child, and for most of his life, he spent most of his life with Jin as a father. When Jin started to lose his way and violated the way of samurai in the battle with the Mongolian army, the uncle became more and more worried.

Khotun Khan, the leader of the Mongolian army, is Jin's main enemy. He is a cruel and cunning enemy who will use everything he knows about the samurai to destroy them. When facing this enemy, Jin quickly learned that "you can't underestimate the opponent in front of you."

Manga artist Takashi Okazaki (creator of Afro Samurai) made four original posters that showcase a different part of Jin’s story: the wind that guides him, the flames that destroy his home around him, the mask he wears as he becomes the Ghost, and his wrath as he fights back against the Mongols.

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Ghost of Tsushima Jin Sakai Cosplay Mask

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Game Ghost of Tsushima Sakai Half Face Mask Samurai Cosplay
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