Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki Ken's 5 character changes, the weak can't be king, he has to change
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By Mini | 19 April 2020 | 0 Comments

Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki Ken's 5 character changes, the weak can't be king, he has to change

In anime Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki Ken grew up in the process of being abused, but such a growth experience made him a former one-eyed king from an original college student. During this period, Kaneki Ken experienced five personality changes, each of which indicated that he was slowly approaching the title of One-eyed King.

Kaneki Ken started out as a simple college student with a slightly introverted shy personality but a kind heart. If he didn't go to the cafe, maybe his life would be spent normally. But as the protagonist, he still has no plan to escape his fate, and was framed and transformed into a foodie. However, despite the pain after becoming a foodie, he found a place to go back-the antique cafe.
However, the good times are not long, I thought I could live quietly in the cafe, and was caught by the gecko and tied to the chair to abuse. A week later, Kaneki Ken had the same gray hair. This was Kaneki Ken's first time change. Compared with before, he became cruel.
But in the end, he found that part of his overestimation of his strength was still mistreated in the back.
In the last battle of the first part, Kaneki Ken met the god of death, Arima Kisho. If it is ordinary blood, Kaneki Ken may be able to open 50 or 50, but unfortunately Kaneki Ken's setting is to grow in abuse. In this battle, even if Kaneki Ken had been transformed into a half-man, he would still be useless. Any attack against Arima would be useless. During this period, Arima was headshot several times, and in the end Kaneki Ken had gone crazy.
Kaneki Ken, who was in a coma after a mental disorder, was brought back to CCG by Arima. When he woke up, Kaneki Ken lost his memory. At this time, he became the second part of Sasaki. Sasaki is gentle and kind, less fierce for the first change, and a little more intellectual. But Kaneki Ken of this character is not a big deal, because he has forgotten his identity.
Sasaki-Black Gold
This animation hasn't been put in yet. During the process of searching for food, Sasaki also met the previous people slowly, and his memory recovered a little bit. Finally, he finally remembered what his purpose was. And need to save some people. After awakening, his hair turned white and black, and he wore a pair of glasses. This black-haired golden wood is the most "insidious" one of so many characters. The surface is always a smiling face.
But I also felt that this golden wood was close to the edge of blackening, and he did nothing better than before, and hid the knife in his smile, no one knew what he wanted to do.
Black Gold-King Gold
The black-haired Kaneki Ken succeeded in the final plan, but the result was still the final battle between the unmovable and the Arima. In the battle, in order to stimulate the potential of the Kaneki Ken, the horse used the aggressive method to stimulate the Kaneki Ken. In the end, Kim Mu Hye was personified, his hair was all white and he successfully defeated Arima. After that, the two generations of one-eyed kings such as Ma and Kakatsumi retired from the stage, and the new one-eyed king Kaneki Ken was born.
Kaneki Ken at this time should be a leader's character, good at controlling various things, the character is the same as the previous white hair gold, but a little more stable and scheming.
King Gold-Girl Gold
The last one-time personality change was after becoming a dragon. Although Kaneki Ken was mature and steady before, he lacked confidence. After all, the human body really can't support how long he has continued to be prosperous. After the dragon's body was successfully stripped off, Kaneki Ken's mood and ability have surpassed the previous two one-eyed kings, and he is determined to do things with little nonsense. surface. Acknowledge your own shortcomings, but still work hard to change, this perfect state also indicates that the comics are nearing the end.
These are the five character changes of Kaneki Ken. I wonder which stage of Kaneki Ken you prefer? In the end, the girl looks pretty cute ~

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