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About Takerlama

Welcome to Takerlama. Takerlama is an professionnal online custom tailored cosplay costumes retailer. We try our best to makes cosplay more real and more realistic. Not only do we want to offer the best in fabrics, design, and styles, but we also want to give our customers the best in the entire experience from order to delivery to even customer service.
Customer satisfaction is always our highest concern.Takerlama.com specializes in cosplay costume making! The costumes from Takerlama.com are all hand-made.We have been in the cosplay business for five years and are proud to be able to offer the best prices available on the internet.With five years of experience, we have detailed know-how regarding all body types. We aim to achieve the best fit for you personally, providing the most satisfactory online tailor-made costumes shopping experience.
Our skilled master tailors handle all of our cutting and sewing, ensuring precision in all production processes. Our workmanship is exquisite and delicate, so you will notice that no materials like threads will have been left on your costumes when it reaches your door. Each costume is given full attention and care because we highly regard every tailor made item we produce. We have specialized QC (quality control) in every production department, to ensure full satisfaction with every order. 
We also retain your pattern in our system so you will be able to reorder the exact same fit any time in the future.We can even pull up older patterns used for any costumes you have ordered in the past; you are able to then instruct us of any adjustments you would like us to apply to accommodate your most detailed wishes.
Moreover, takerlama.com manufactures related products like cosplay basball cape, necklace and accessories. And all of our products are at very competitive price to guarantee top quality cosplay costumes! We also accept commission orders. If you are interested in some of the items or having placed an order from us, please feel free to contact us:
Email: [email protected]. This is our company address(this is not return address): Building 26, Niulanqian Industrial Zone, Bulong Road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen,China. Phone +86 13517284890

Wish you enjoy your shopping experience!
1.Order Confirmation---Once the order is confirmed,your order information will be checked and sent to a skilled designer.
2.Design---After reviewing your order,our designer will begin the designing process.
3.Materialize---Then,the professional tailors will spend time to carefully pick the materials your costume will be made with.
4.Tailor---Once everything is decided, the tailors will start tailoring your costume according to your specific requests.
5.Sew---Your costume is sewn together by professional tailors. 
6.Final Touches---Finally, the tailors will finish up with the little touches.  
7.Quality Control---We have specialized QC (quality control) in every production department, to ensure full satisfaction with every order.